Domain Name and Web-Email Hosting

Your Domain Name is your unique identity on the web. Just as your house or office has an address, so does your website. Your domain name acts as your address in the World Wide Web (e.g. It has to be registered to be valid and usable on the Internet.

There’s no doubt that a website and e-mail facility is important in every organisation today. It is even more important to have a reliable hosting service provider to ensure uptime, performance and reliability. We can assure you that your website and e-mails are managed by a team of professionals, enabling you to focus on building your business without the worry of service disruptions.

SMS Solutions

SMS solutions is suitable for business partners, companies or individuals that require a hosted facility to send out hundreds or even thousands of SMS to clients. Using out powerful in-house developed control panel, you can customize and send out personalized messages easily to your clients, be it for marketing purpose or for any announcement campaigns.

In just one click, you can send :
  • Greetings on festive seasons.
  • Promotions and special offers.
  • Payment reminders and confirmations.
  • New product and pricing updates.
  • Meeting announcements and appointment reminders.
  • News, bulletins and information about your company.